Are you one of those mens who wants to dress modern, but likes classic? This Craso is looking for you.

The classic modern style, may sound like a contradiction of currents. How is it possible that a style is modern and classic at the same time? In men’s fashion it is usually classic or modern, but both can be somewhat shocking to the senses.

Men’s fashion is debated between classic and modern

Reinventing the way of wearing the suits is what many brands try season after season. The dress code is becoming less strict in the offices and therefore signatures many fashion firms offer more options to the traditional suit with shirt and tie. Now the elegance is not at odds with the casual touch that makes the task of wearing attire much younger.

Combining the American ones with sweaters with round neck or back neck, suits with leather jackets or parkas, or with a collection of leather jackets of all kinds, firms achieve a sober but totally casual and suitable style for any environment.

And this is what we want to do in Craso, to reinvent the way of carrying a classic wallet.

It cost us thinking how to make a classic wallet, but at the same time modern and comfortable. After a few sleepless nights, it occurred to us to create Marcus. This model has a totally classic men’s wallet style on the outside:

But thanks to its diagonal cutting lines that give this unique shape, it makes Marcus become a classic wallet on the outside, but very modern inside:
And you? Are you classic, modern or both? Leave your comment and we debate!

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