About Craso brand

Unique brand for unique people

The CRASO brand is born of the entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes its creators. Creating a unique and different style to the rest, along with the great illusion of defending glamor even inside our pockets were the main propellers of this brand of wallets and wallets born in the city of Yecla.

The insignia and image of the mark owes its name to the famous Marcus Licinius Crassus (in Latin, Marcus Licinius Crassus, c.115 BC-June 53 BC) was a relevant Roman aristocrat, general and politician of the era Late-republican, better known as Crassus el Triunviro. In the battle of the Hill Gate was distinguished in the control the right wing of the army of Sila. In addition, it crushed the revolt of the slaves led by Espartaco.

The names of the first portfolios are reminiscent of typical names of Roman citizenship. CRASO wants to get out of the ordinary with new designs of great quality, based on a breaker design but without losing that air to the classic and more useful. The end result is a combination of colors that convey a unique style.

We are looking for unique people, capable of carrying what CRASO means, that is, capable of carrying the legacy of a unique portfolio that only 500 people worldwide will be able to achieve.

Top quality leather wallets and made in SPAIN, since we are fighting for FAIR TRADE.

Now you carry the legacy of CRASO! You will put the touch that is missing so that together you are unique!.