Frequently Asked Questions

Accordion Panel

All the kinds of bills can be introduced, you can extract and put readily without bending to some extent, but also can always keep any bill exceeding the size or stretched (you will see a small crease is made in the center) or bent. How comfortable for you are. The wallets have been designed in this way to make them as small as possible and that you can always carry with you.

How many cards will it hold?

We recommend putting up 2 cards per pocket but you can put 3 without problems. So, if the model has 4 pockets you can put 12 cards without problems!

Are all wallets the same as small?

All our wallets are small, that is, of the same size 7×10 cm

Do the wallets come with a guarantee?

Yes, all our wallets are covered with a 3-year warranty, provided they have been used under normal conditions and have been given their proper use. The warranty covers any defects in workmanship or materials, but does not apply to improper use of the product or unwarranted changes after the product has been used. Keep in mind that the leathers are natural materials and that therefore they can have small imperfections and that they mark with the use of the same, reason why these will not be understood like a defect of material.

I have just placed an order. Can I add another wallet?

First of all, we are delighted that you want to buy another, but unfortunately we can not modify an order already made. You will have to place a new order, but remember that shipping costs are included, so it will not cost you any more.

Can I cancel my order?

We regret to hear that and your pocket is going to be very sad, but we want you to be happy with us and we offer ease of cancellation and return with no added costs. Please contact us at or our contact form so that we can resolve it as soon as possible.

Can I change any details on my order?

As soon as we receive the orders, we start quickly to send the product as soon as possible. So if you have to make any changes tell us as soon as possible through or our contact form so that we can solve it as soon as possible.

How do I return my wallet?

We put a lot of attention on all the details of our product so we regret that something went wrong. Write us through or from our contact form and we will inform you of the next steps. If you sending pictures will be much easier. Remember that you have a period of 14 days from the time you receive the order to contact us and the wallet has to be as we delivered it, so that we can solve it without any added cost for you.