The wallet is the essential companion of every man. Therefore, we will explain why a leather wallet is one of the best options when choosing a method to keep your most important belongings from day to day.

The wallets are present in our pockets, shirts or jackets, so it has become in recent years a part of our personality.
Sometimes it is difficult to find the time to change it. It becomes such an essential and personal part of us that we find it difficult to say goodbye to her.

We all go through this several times in our lives and then it’s time to ask the right questions to adopt a new partner who will be faithful to us for several years.

Choosing a wallet is mostly a point in your style, and that is why the task is often much more difficult than it seems. So if you want to change your wallet, here are 5 tips to choose your leather wallet:

Short or long relationship?

Your choice depends on the relationship you want to build with your portfolio. Do not skimp on the budget if you need a wallet that you do not plan to change in a long time.

What form to choose?

Most of the wallets for men sold in France are in “European” format (11 x 15, to put a € 500 bill without folding it).
However, in Craso we opted for a somewhat smaller size (11cm x 7cm), much more adaptable and comfortable, which does not bulge and is much more aesthetic. Yes, without giving up any benefit.

What design to choose?

The answer to this question is subjective, specific to each person. Here we can distinguish the exterior from the interior.

In terms of appearance, in Craso we have many models with an elegant design and a vintage style. The special characteristics of each leather wallet can also make you choose one or the other, making it your favorite.

What material to choose?

This is important for the life of your portfolio. Like any garment, there are several materials available for this accessory.

As you can imagine, certain compositions will raise the price of the portfolio. In the lower part of the scale we find plastic, fabric, nylon, synthetic leather, etc. Then comes the wool and finally the leather. As with any leather item, the price will increase depending on the animal from which it is derived.

Craso leather handbags are made 100% with noble cow leather, which gives it a resistance and durability above the ordinary at an exceptional price.

What color to choose?

In this aspect, your criterion commands.
There’s everything on the market, from extravagant reliefs to wallets inlaid with diamonds. The important thing is that the portfolio looks like you and you are not ashamed to take it out.

In Craso we have three variations of colors for each portfolio design, so you can choose the one that best suits your taste and style.

As you will understand, it is not easy to choose a wallet that resembles a person’s personality.

Even so, at Craso we are convinced that the exclusivity of our wallets makes them unique, and with them our clients become unique.
For this reason, only 500 units are sold from each wallet style.

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