We tell you the fundamental steps to clean with results of 10!

Far from what we think, the wallets of crust leather are very strong and resistant, and over time beautifies. The only thing we have is to “pamper” it a little more than the traditional leather wallets.

The one that requires a more special cleaning is not reason to not enjoy them to the maximum!

Follow these steps and you’ll see how your wallet will always look like new.

The first thing we should do like any wallet is to let it rest for a few hours so that it airs after being a whole day with it in our pocket. If by chance the wallet has been wet, we will have to put newspaper to absorb all the moisture and thus prevent it from deforming. Let it dry away from direct sunlight or any other source of heat. If you have only wetted an area better than the moistened the rest of the surface so that you have a uniform tone when drying.

Brushing it daily, it is highly recommended not to “tangle”. Although it is not necessary to do it every day. Brush always in the direction of the hair, with a brush specially designed for this use. It is a very porous material and accumulates dust and dirt, spoiling its beauty and creating that “bright” effect so unwanted.

The brush can be found in any shoe repair shop and large surfaces, usually have two parts one with hard bristles and another softer as rubber. First we will pass the swollen part of bristles and if there were mud spots, for example, the part of stiffest bristles.

Horror a spot of grease! It is your worst enemy, like any other fabric! But there is also a possible solution to this common incident. One way is to prevent applying special sprays that protect them and waterproof them from stains, water … etc., If not, rub the stain gently, with a school eraser or with special erasers for this material, and equals the rest of Surface to be even. Another cleaning option is to apply a little talcum powder on the stain and let it absorb the fat. Then brush and ready.

And the grandmother’s trick that never fails, for a maintenance of your wallet of crust leather without the skin being chafed is as simple as rubbing them with a slightly moistened cloth and then brushing them with a brush wrapped in an old stocking. But always the complete wallet to leave a tone and brushing of the uniform crust leather.

Finally, we leave you with a photo of our beautiful TIBERIUS model with its two models in crust leather.

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