There are many elements that you can find in your home made of leather, from furniture to jackets without forgetting your CRASO WALLET. It is a very beautiful material that gives elegance, but that should be taken care of properly so that it does not spoil and maintain its appearance. So that you know the best way to clean and treat it, in this article of Craso blog we explain how to take care of leather.

The 4 steps we recommend:

  1. Leather and leather objects should not be exposed to direct sunlight or heat sources, as they will dry out and may become damaged. This does not mean that you can not take your Craso on sunny days, but you should not place it too close to the heating.
  2. To clean the leather, you must use a thin cloth or cloth preferably of microfiber, not to scratch it; You should never have to use hard brushes. In the case of untreated leather, you can opt for a gentle solution of lukewarm water and soap and sponge.
  3. In case you get liquid or something that stains on the leather, you should quickly dry it with absorbent paper or a cloth so that it is not marked.
  4. Also, there are specific products for cleaning the leather, with them you will create an invisible film that will protect this material from external agents. You should apply them with a non-absorbent cloth, with circular movements and then brightening with a soft cloth.

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