Men’s Wallets, by Craso

The wallet is a daily life item that is used extensively during the day, and for this reason should be extremely personalized.

Everyone has their own preferences and needs, so the types of people are as many as the types of wallet.

In Crasobrand we have a wide range of wallets for men, varying in both color and shape. Practically everything in the portfolio is made of 100% bovine skin. The interior, depending on each one, houses different space and distribution of the same.

All our products are handcrafted, using traditional techniques, so that each product is, in its measure, unique. That word, unique, is what we want you to transmit when you buy any of our products.

In addition, each wallet contains high quality finishes. We want our products to last as long as those of yesteryear. This, among other things, makes the value of our portfolios excellent.

Below we present the main models of men’s briefcases that we have:

Model Filius

Ideal for those who need a simple wallet, but prefer to keep the coins in other places. Contains 1 banknote compartment, from where you can easily and quickly remove them thanks to its shape; and 4 cardholders holding up to 10 cards.

As you can see, its simplicity is what makes it special. It is available in three colors, and each color in turn has three variants with different finishes.
The vertical axis without closure and the horizontal cut in the form of “broken” is what characterizes it. It is also versatile and easy to fit into the pocket.

Dimensions: 7cm x 10cm

Model Marcus

The Marcus model is classic like him alone. Unlike the previous model, it contains two sections to protect bills and opens around its horizontal axis. Also, it is ideal if you like to carry cash over, since it does have a wallet separated from the rest with individual closure.

Small but big: despite its small appearance, it has large space inside, with 5 credit cards for more than 10 cards.

This wallet has an exterior finish with two bands of different colors. It is available in four variants with two sub-variants each. If you are passionate about the all-in-ones, this is your Crass.

Dimensions: 7cm x 10cm

Model Tiberius

With five cardholders for more than ten cards, the largest purse we have and a style that neither George Clooney, the Tiberius model we consider the flagship of our mens wallets.
This wallet is characterized by its strong closure and diagonal cut style. It opens on its vertical axis and is ideal for all types of pockets.

In addition, it is available in three colors and with two different texture types. A more velvety and a more classic and smooth.

Dimensions: 7cm x 10cm

Everything is special in Craso

It should be noted that all our models include a free RFID card and come packaged in wooden boxes with our logo.

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