An RFID system (an acronym for Radio Frequency Identification in English) is integrated in an RFID card, which by definition is a data storage system. They can be accessed remotely, and are inserted in cards, tags or transponders.
The purpose of this type of systems is to transport, store and transmit the identity of an object. It could be equated with a unique serial number.

It is transmitted by radio waves, although it is not like a common communication system: it does not have its own power supply, you have to get very close to get the data it carries. Far from being a problem, it is the purpose with which it was invented.

These systems can be adhered, as previously mentioned, to credit cards, transport cards, stickers and countless small objects.

So, anyone with a reader will have access to the data of an RFID card?

The reality is that yes, but it is not as crude as it seems:
Data on RFID cards, or your sister NFC (Near Field Communication), are often encrypted. This means that even if you can access the data, interpreting them will be much more difficult.

So the encryption is completely secure and can not be skipped?

As you can suppose, no. There are many techniques to decrypt data, although they are not available to everyone, there they are.
The techniques that are usually used for data theft of such cards (especially credit cards) are usually organized. Someone steals them and another clones them, so you can use a new card as if it were the original one.

Due to this type of techniques, countermeasures have been developed. Once someone has the data of the cards, it is practically impossible to act against them. For this reason, it was necessary to act against the data theft and invented the RFID blocking card.

An RFID locking card, evolved from the RFID locking sleeves, has an easy method of working. “Absorbs” the frequencies of nearby cards, and prevents data capture and possible cloning of cards.
It is also very simple to use: it is inserted between the other cards and nothing else is to be done.
These lock cards work with both RFID and NFC cards, as they work at the same frequency.

They usually have a common card size, which can go unnoticed. In Crasobrand we are updated and we sell this type of technology, so that you are protected at all times. Each of our wallets comes with a gift.
In any case, if you lose it or want to give it to someone, we also sell it separately.

What are you waiting for? Security in your wallet is just a few clicks away! 

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