In this article we will talk about the variety of wallets we have on this page and thus be able to change our wallet for a new more elegant and sophisticated to improve our style.
We have to have several things clear when making this change so important because if we make a mistake and buy a wallet that we do not like or it is not useful at the time of the practice it will be a waste of money in vain that’s why we’re going to show 3 of our wallet models so you can choose between one of them and make the right choice.
The first thing we have to see, is the size we want since there are people who tend to carry all kinds of things in the wallet. Men, there are some simpler but then there are those who carry, all their cards and important papers apart from also bring money for any occasion in particular.
We also have to see the price that we want to spend, since there are people who like to pay exaggerated amounts, when with a more basic wallet, they will have the same benefits.

Filius Ebony

cartera craso

It is a wallet for men, made of high quality 100% cow leather. This model has 4 card holders with a capacity of up to 10 cards. It also has a wallet to put all our tickets. These wallets are all made by hand, which means that their quality is excellent.

Marcus Blue II 



The model Marcus blue II is a wallet for men. This model of wallet is manufactured in a traditional way with high quality materials such as 100% bovine leather. We have 5 card holders for more than 10 cards. This model has a purse and two wallets, an interior that is hidden and another exterior that is in sight.

Tiberius Blue

The Tiberius blue model is a wallet for men, made by traditional methods using traditional techniques. Made with high quality materials such as 100% cow leather. With this model we sing with 5 card holders for more than 10 card holders. We have a purse and wallet and a strong lock to prevent loss of money or our documents.

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