The wallet in men is one of the few accessories that most have in common. Men like accessories and superfluous things less.

The wallet is a basic necessity for all men. It allows you to keep your identity documents, your money, your credit cards and all other small papers that are used daily.

A man can keep the same wallet for many years, even decades.

So it is important to choose it well when buying, choosing the right design and the right materials.

carteras para hombre

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What material to choose for the wallet?

As for the material, there is not much difference between wallets of men and women, or even pockets and bags.

There are wallets of men in stores made of every imaginable material. And the choice will be made according to the taste of the person and their means.

The cheapest wallets are nylon or plastic, they are often imported from Asian countries and have very little to offer.

This type of wallets last very little and are rarely beautiful. If you raise the level a little, you will find the wallets in imitation leather and textiles.

They are more durable than plastic or nylon wallets, but they are far from adequate for prolonged use. You can choose that kind of thing if you do not want to use the wallet very often or if you do not pay too much attention to details.

Quality wallets are made of wool or leather, although they are more expensive. Wool purses are very rare and hard to find, they are often accessories of great designers.

They look nice but the durability is questionable, they are not worth it for day to day. Leather handbags are, therefore, the natural choice for all those who want to obtain a quality, elegant and durable wallet.

But also here all leather wallets are not the same because there are many types of leather and the prices can vary widely.

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How many folds does a man’s wallet have to have?

Wallets vary greatly from the design point of view and the number of folds is one of the important criteria to consider.

There are double wallets that are made up of two parts, which close together. These are the simplest and thinnest wallets.

We chose a double wallet when we dressed in a fairly classic and lightweight way and we do not always have a jacket to put it in view.

The two-layer wallets can be removed from the back pocket of a pair of trousers or from the front pocket without being too visible.

What is a significant advantage, but its capacity is quite low and can not hold too many things (usually).
They only have capacity for two or three cards maximum.

The triptych wallets are more traditional, more common and certainly more practical. These types of wallets are composed of three flaps, two external flaps that are placed on a central flap.

The advantage of the triple wallet is that it can contain many papers and a good amount of money in bills.

But it also has the disadvantage of being much thicker than double wallets and creating bumps on clothing.

In addition to the number of folds, it is also necessary to think of the inner flaps that are adorned in certain handbags for men.

These additional flaps are “pages” of leather inserted between the central flap and one of the outer flaps to increase the capacity of the wallet.

But again, they also increase its volume.

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The style of the wallet

The style of the wallet reflects the tastes of the man who owns it. Therefore, the choice of this criterion must be made according to the tastes of the future owner and a wallet can be found for each style.

If one is rather sporting, we opted for a sports wallet . These wallets focus on the practical and functional side, and have a great capacity.

There are all kinds and styles more or less extravagant or classic. If you opt for a rather classic style, you will choose a sophisticated wallet, leather and format (CROSS FORMAT). Fits easily in an inside pocket of a jacket, suit or tuxedo.

There are purses that are of a neutral style or halfway between sport style and classic style.

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